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Lovely worked in Singapore for 2 employers

25/10/2013 - 17/12/2014, served a Indian Family with 5 family members ages 63(grandpa), 60 (grandma), 36 (sir), 33-year-old (madam) & new born (daughter). They lived at HDB with 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets. She is the only maid in the house and her duties are taking care of baby and general housework. She worked for this Family for 1 year because they don't need her service anymore.

16/09/2015 - 08/06/2016, served a Indian Family with 3 family members ages 60 (grandma), 35 (sir) & 31-year-old (madam). They lived at condominium with 3 bedrooms and 3 toilets. She is the only maid in the house. She does household chores, cooking, washed the clothes and maintaining the cleanliness in the house. She served for 9 months only.

Lovely is 26-year-old, single and College Graduate of Office Management with Computer in 2008. She is the eldest among her 2 siblings. She's jolly person, kind, hardworking, willing to learn new things and positive attitude. She preferred to take care of child and doing household chores.She desire to work abroad to earn better income to save for her future life.

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Single (26)
Ref: FS 3812
Upd on 26-Sep-16

Elisa is a 39-year-old, Single and A High School Graduate who lives in Cebu City, Philippines. She is the 2nd child among 8 Siblings in the family.She is a loyal and a very hardworking person. She can follow recipes book & very well experienced in general housework.

27/07/2014 - 04/01/2016, served a Qatari Family in Qatar. They are 6 Family members (ages 53 (sir), 33 (madam), 5 (daughter), 4 (son), 3 (daughter) & new born (daughter). They lived at 3 storey with 4 bedrooms, 6 toilets and 1 living room.They're 3 maids in the house. Her daily tasks was household chores such us mopping the floor, vacuum the carpet, washed the clothes and assisting Madam for taking care of children. She finished her contract for 2 years.

Elisa desire to work abroad again to support parents daily needs and to save money for the future life

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Single (39)
Ref: FN 3812
Upd on 26-Sep-16
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