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Julie Ann II is a 28 years old, single mother, a very loving mother to her children and a very caring and responsible daughter to her Mother and siblings. She is a very hardworking, trustworthy, responsible, fast learner and a very reliable person. She wants to work abroad again to support her children's education and to save money for the future of her family. Working abroad is not new to her; in fact she already worked as a domestic worker in Singapore and Kuwait. In 2012, she had the opportunity to served a Chinese family in Singapore. They are 4 adults’ Family members and they lived at condominium with 3 bedrooms and 4 toilets. She is the only maid in the house. Her job is to clean the house and make sure that everything is on their proper places. She does cooking, laundry and ironing clothes. She only lasted for 4 months because they don’t need her service anymore. On the same year, she got employed by an Indian Family. They are 4 Family members with 2 adults (ma’am & Sir) and 2 kids’ age’s 3-year-old & 3-month-old). They lived at condominium with 3 bedrooms and 3 toilets. Her duties are to clean the house, took care of the children and cook the food, but she also didn't finished her contract and only lasted for 5 months because the family decided to go back in London for good. After that she decided to go back here in Philippines and rest for a while. In the year 2014, she decided to work abroad again and got employed in Kuwait by a Kuwaiti family; her duties are the general house works and take care of the baby of the family. She finished her contract in the year 2016. Now she wants to work abroad, also wanting to try her luck in Singapore again, she is willing to take care of a new born baby or a child. She can cook and can follow recipe book. She will make sure to give her best on her job and will make sure to satisfy her employer with her service.


Single (28)
Ref: FS 3393
Upd on 17-Jan-17

Jonabelle worked before in UAE, Hongkong & Singapore as a Domestic Worker.

30/11/2006 – 01/11/2008, served a Emiratis Family in Dubai, UAE and they are 4 Family Members ages 36 (sir), 33(ma’am), 8(son) and 1-year-old (son). They lived at bungalow with 4 bedrooms , 4 toilets and 1 living room. She is the only maid in the house. Her duties are taking good care of children, general housework and cooking. She finished her contract for 2 years.

09/12/2008 – 09/12/2010, served a Chinese Family in Hongkong. They are 4 Family members ages 43(sir), 36(ma’am), 8(daughter) and 5-year-old (daughter). They lived at flat with 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet. She is the only maid in the house. She does children care, general housework, gardening & marketing. She finished her contract for 2 years.

07/02/2011 – 16/12/2014, served a Chinese Family in Singapore. They are 7 Family members ages 56(ma’am), 52(sir), 30(son), 25(daughter-In-Law), 22(son), 4 (Granddaughter) and 2-year-old (Grandson). They lived at 3 storey house with 7 bedrooms, 7 toilets and with 2 maids in the house. She’s in charge of children care. She does household chores everyday, gardening and taking care of 1 dog. She finished her contract.

20/06/2015 – 16/10/2016, served a Chinese Family. They lived at 7 Family members’ ages 60(sir), 56(ma’am), 31(daughter), 30(son), 29(daughter), 28(daughter) & 23-year-old (daughter). They lived at 2 storey house with 8 bedrooms, 8 toilets and 1 swimming pool. She served for 1 year and 4 months.

Jonabelle is a hardworking, trustworthy, flexible, fast learner and responsible. She can cook and follow recipe book also. She preferred newborn care/childcare & general housework. She desire to work abroad to save for the better future life and to support her Family.


Single (31)
Ref: FS 3467
Upd on 17-Jan-17
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