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Sa Bae has 2 years working experience as a housemaid in her home country, she can take care young children and elderly if required, she can do general housekeeping and other household chores assign by her employer, she can cook myanmese food and willing to learn new dish from her prospective employer, she can understand and speak fair english, she is flexible and patient, keen of coming to work in Singapore to support her family

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Single (23)
Ref: MNR 3077
Upd on 21-Oct-16

Cho Htwe, 32 years old, Christine, Single , is hardworking, humble Ex Singapore maid.She is able to do household chores like cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing clothes, mopping the floor and washing the car. She can handle infant children and she can look after elderly too. She worked in Singapore doing General house work. She can cook myanmar food and some simple chinese food. She would like to come to work in Singapore to support her family.

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Single (32)
Ref: MSE 3147
Upd on 21-Oct-16
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